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About us




Company Kelmolis began operations in 2002. The main activity is wood impregnators production. In Lithuania the growing demand in the construction of wooden houses, and the formation of life values in the natural environment cause the tree are to be used as the main building material. Wooden homeowners faced with the problem of how to preserve the appearance of wood for many years, reliably protect the wood from moisture, discoloration and mold. Company KelmOlis' professionals have perfected the formula used for centuries, well known in Canada, Japan, the Scandinavian countries, and adapted it for today's customer needs. The company manufactures an environmentally friendly natural wood imp regnant used for indoor and outdoor use. Our proposed product is of vegetable origin - made ​​from linseed oil, and the most advanced components. This wood impregnant - an innovation in the Lithuanian market. Currently, about 75% of our production is exported to Scandinavia.


In order to protect the wood from a variety of negative effects is not enough only one universal measure. Due to the fact that the Lithuanian market is dominated by low-quality wood, company KelmOlis specialists, in collaboration with the German paint technicians, has developed a unique composition of the product. Primer PRG 30 received 2011 Product of the Year Award.

Primer PRG 30 is for wet and dry wood. It does not contain chlorine. It provides strong protection against harmful environmental effects. It is very important to the people who built the log house and dries it naturally. Using PRG 30, house dries faster and remains bright.


2012 new! EKOMASS


More recently, the company, in response to consumer demand started producing a very clean product EKOMASS, which is designed for indoor use. Impregnator preserves the natural color of the wood, dries quickly, is resistant to moisture, abrasion and dirt.

It is a natural, odorless (does not contain chemical solvents) product, harmless to human health and the environment.

EKOMASS is also used for baths and saunas finishes.

The main advantages of why you should choose organic natural wood impregnant:

100% ecology;
Wood protection from atmospheric moisture and mold;
A wide range of colors;
Nicely covers the surface highlighting the natural wood texture;
Harmless to health, so not only professionals but also amateurs can work with it.