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WOOD primer PRG-30

Colorless protective wood sealer for indoor and outdoor works.
Used for log houses, saunas, windows, doors, wooden furniture, shelters, facades and other woodwork to be primed.

  • Wood grunt


Wood primer-impregnator for indoor use
Used for log houses, cladding, furniture, wooden toys, household items and other wood to be impregnated. EKOLIN also is used for baths and saunas finishes.

EKOLIN preserves the natural color of the wood. Fast-drying, moisture- abrasion and dirt resistant.

  • Ekomass

EKOLIN-floor oil

EKOLIN FLOOR - eco-friendly, plant-based, long-lasting traditions having product made by German technology. Impregnator preserves the natural color of the wood, brings out the texture of wood. The floor oil does not form a film on the surface, it just penetrates into the wood and fills it. The oil saturated floor surface becomes opaque, highly durable, resistant to washing, dirt and wear. If you want your home to have exceptional floor, we offer toned oil.
EKOLIN FLOOR - can be used for all wood surfaces with friction: tabletops, stair railings, doors, furniture, household items and so on.

  • For interior works


EKOTEP is made from natural ingredients using Scandinavian technology and is completely natural and environmentally friendly product. Impregnant brings out the texture of wood and protects from side impact and UV rays. This product is available in three types: for field work, for boats and terraces.

  • For exterior works


LINOTEP PIGMENTAL is made from natural ingredients using Scandinavian technology and is a completely natural product.

"KelmOlis offers a wide range of paint colors, but special color impregnant can be made by the customer’s request.

  • For interior works