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EKOLIN-floor oil


EKOLIN FLOOR - eco-friendly, plant-based, long-lasting traditions having product made by German technology. Impregnator preserves the natural color of the wood, brings out the texture of wood. The floor oil does not form a film on the surface, it just penetrates into the wood and fills it. The oil saturated floor surface becomes opaque, highly durable, resistant to washing, dirt and wear. If you want your home to have exceptional floor, we offer toned oil.
EKOLIN FLOOR - can be used for all wood surfaces with friction: tabletops, stair railings, doors, furniture, household items and so on.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Processing wood must be dry and clean (dustless, dirtless, etc..).

Before using the impregnant mix well! Impregnant is ready to use, do not dilute it. Surface is saturated with oil paintbrushing or rollering 2-3 times. The second layer can be applied after completely absorbed the first layer. Remove surpluses after 20 minutes by rubbing. Do not let dry non absorbed oil – as on the surface will remain the shiny spots! Surface is polished up with 150 -300 per min. speed polishing machine, using wool fabric or felt. Surface can be polished by hand using woolen cloth or felt.

Attention! Necessarilly stir the impregnant before and while use.

OUTPUT 5-10 m2 / l. It depends on the type of wood and moisture.


DRYING. 1-3 days. Depending on temperature. After polishing up the surface is recommended to leave for 7 days. The first week is not advisable to wash oiled floor and lay on the moisture-proof coatings.

It is recommended not to use floor cleaning detergent.

STORAGE. Store in a closed container. Can be stored in the cold place.


INGREDIENTS: Plant oils, hydrocarbons, C11-15-iso, hardeners, pigments.


WARNING! CONTAINS oxidizing OIL - self-ignition! Keep away from heat and flame. Impregnant soaked rags may result in spontaneous combustion, so before disposal keep submerged in water.