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EKOTEP is made from natural ingredients using Scandinavian technology and is completely natural and environmentally friendly product. Impregnant brings out the texture of wood and protects from side impact and UV rays. This product is available in three types: for field work, for boats and terraces. All of these wood impregnants give the depth, exclusivity and naturalness to the wood. Especially popular among boat manufacturers is EKOTEP for boats as a product of excellent protection.
Wood impregnant is for outdoor use. It is used for log houses, decorating facades, windows, doors, wooden outdoor furniture, wooden roofs, terraces and boats to be impregnated.


Processing wood must be dry and clean (dustless, dirtless, etc..).

Before painting mix impregnant well! Impregnant is ready to use, do not dilute it. Surface is saturated with oil brushing 2-3 times. Apply over the entire length of the board to hide the seams. The second layer of paint can be applied after complete absorption of the first layer. When the wood is saturated remove the surpluses by rubbing. Do not let the oil non absorbed - as the shiny spots will remain on the surface!

The recommended maximum wood moisture content of 15%, humidity 80%.

Avoid direct sun rays while applying.

Attention! Necessarily to stir the imprgenant carefully.

It is recommended to re-impregnate the wood again after a year.

OUTPUT 5 – 12 m2/ l

Depends on wood and moisture.


2 – 5 h . The length depends on temperature.


Keep in closed container in the cold place.