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WOOD primer PRG-30




Colorless protective wood sealer for indoor and outdoor works.

Used for log houses, saunas, windows, doors, wooden furniture, shelters, facades and other woodwork to be primed.

The primer penetrates deeply into the wood surface and texture. Materials in the consistence prevent the wood from harmful environmental effects (moisture, rotting, decay). Suitable for wet wood drying. It is very important to the people who built the log house, as it naturally dries. Using PRG 30, house dries quickly and remains bright.


Instructions for use

Processing wood must be clean, unpainted, grease-free and chemically neutral.

Uses: Apply with a brush, soak, dip, spray, vacuum. Primer PRG 30 is fully ready for use. It should be well mix, even in the workflow.

Wood surfaces need to be saturated with the wood primer PRG 30 1-2 times.

Drying time

Drying time depends on temperature. After use of PRG 30 , it is recommended to cover the wood with the impregnants of KelmOlis.

Coverage: 1m2-170g




Keep closed in cool place.