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Wood primer-impregnator for indoor use

Used for log houses, cladding, furniture, wooden toys, household items and other wood to be impregnated. EKOLIN also is used for baths and saunas finishes. EKOLIN preserves the natural color of the wood. Fast-drying, moisture- abrasion and dirt resistant.

It is a natural, harmless to human health and the environment product. Odourless - does not contain chemical solvents.

Processing wood must be dry and clean (dustless dirtless, etc..).

Before painting mix the impregnant well! Impregnant is ready to use, do not dilute it. Saturate the surface with oil brushing 1-2 times. Apply uniformly over the entire length of the board to hide the joints. Put the second layer when the first is fully absorbed. When the wood is saturated remove the surplus after 20 minutes by rubbing. Do not let it dry non absorbed EKOMASS - on the surface shiny spots will remain!

The recommended maximum wood moisture content is of 15%, relative humidity 80%.

Attention! Mix the impregnator very carefully.

OUTPUT 5-12 m2 / l. It depends on the type of wood and moisture.


Impregnant saturated wood dries 1 – 3 h. ( + 20C ). The length of drying depends on weather temperature.


Keep closed in the cool place.


Plant oils, additives, pigments.

EKOMASS advantages:

100% ecologigal

Odorless, without chemical dissolvent

For interior works

Quick- drying, moisture abrasion resistant

Wide range of colors.